On this page:

[ 1 ] Results the client will obtain from having us perform the services in this Category
[ 2 ] Value the client will derive from those results, presented in a table of discrete “Benefits” with the “Basis” for each benefit
[ 3 ] Activities we will perform to produce the results
[ 4 ] Outputs we will provide to the client (which are normally contractual deliverables under our agreement)


Disclaimer: Working closely, efficiently, and cost-effectively with attorneys is our specialty, but we are not and do not provide licensed attorney services. The client will need to obtain whatever licensed attorney endorsement or oversight it determines is required with respect to our services. 



  • Comprehensive, organized, and coherent, addressing all of the necessary details but also painting the big picture
  • Both technically and contractually sound
  • Readily understandable by staff, managers, consultants, contractors, and suppliers
  • Sufficient for legal endorsement if required
  • Consistent with policies, processes, and procedures



Quicker negotiations

  • Because the “tennis match” of drawn-out project‑to-legal-to-project revisions and counter-revisions will be shortened dramatically with strong starting documents
  • Because someone with a holistic perspective can get to the core of each issue more easily

Reduced legal overhead

  • Because front-line staff will require less legal support for closing deals with respect to non‑routine transactional contract drafting
  • Because our services are a cost-effective way to stretch the project legal support budget

Fewer contractual claims

  • Because contract terms and requirements will be clear and more mutually held than if done by the respective legal, procurement, or PM staffs alone – we bridge those gaps
  • Because claims and interpretation will be anchored to a strong contractual foundation

Fewer delayed surprises

  • Because contract documents will be complete and detailed while reflecting a better grasp of interrelationships than typically possible


Negotiated terms & conditions:

  • Prepare supplier, contractor, or owner modifications
  • Make template adaptations
  • Create hybrid solutions

Riders to standard contracts:

  • Location-specific terms
  • Lender/regulatory items
  • Crafted incentives/risk-sharing models and provisions

Amendments & settlements:

  • Settle claims and changes
  • Renewals and extensions
  • Terms & conditions changes



Complete contracts

Adapt a boilerplate template for one-time use

Revised documents

Incorporate negotiated contractor-requested clause revisions into an owner standard contract form

Riders or addenda

Add to the scope of product coverage, change the countries where a product is available, etc.

Letters of intent

Memorialize a pricing commitment pending owner funding approval or disbursement

Memos of understanding

Set a working basis for future negotiations

Settlement agreements

Memorialize resolution of a dispute